Pulling back the curtain little by little on our story of Addiction.

You never think Addiction is going to be in your family…. And then it is.

My Mom (Bless her sweet heart) was addicted to pain pills and anti depressants.  {LONG POST ALERT.}

This post could get really really long.  I will end up splitting it up in to a few different posts because it’s easier for me to write that way.

Have you ever been in a conversation and reference is made to someone being an alcoholic or “pot head” or ANY of the other titles that people feel they need to give it to make it really bad?  It’s a judgement.  Whether we see with real eyes (realize)  that we are judging the addict or not… we are.  We’ve all done it.  That’s the way society works right?  

And most of the time people don’t give it ANY other thought than “man they are really screwed up…”. In all honesty - Nobody has any clue why or how that person fell in to addiction.  And it’s not just drugs or alcohol.  I won’t go in to all those things now, you can do that research on your own.

 My mom was in her 30s before she ever even had an antibiotic so meds were not something she used often.  She grew up with a mother who was extremely in to Natural and Health foods, she used herbs a lot (from what I can remember)!   There are parts of the story that are not clear at all…I do my best to piece things together.

She had some painful things happen in her late teens / early twenties…(specifics I don’t know… when she was on Hospice all she would say was “so many painful memories”) AGAIN.  Back to my story.  #squirrel 

Let’s just go right to it… the way that I found out about my Mom’s addiction was after my Dad had his massive stroke…we began helping her with his care.  He was able to walk and get dressed, difficult to understand what he was saying most of the time and he couldn’t remember how to cook or anything like that.   My mom became very negative and was CONSTANTLY worrying about things (even way before my Dads stroke).  Come to find out she was having panic attacks for random things and went to her doctor for it.  Guess what they did??  Yep.  Gave her pills for Anxiety.  She was on an antidepressant for the next 10 years.  TEN YEARS yall.  Talking with her pharmacy after we discovered all this and they said that people should be on them for no longer than  like 6-9 months.  TEN YEARS.  She didn’t know enough to ask or she didn’t want to feel the pain anymore.  Not sure which.   Also note:  during these years of anxiety she was also told she needed a root canal (look up the farce of root canal!!) And experienced excruciating pain from that every day since.

Here’s how the Pharma system is SO broken.  Why did her doctor never ask if she was still on it?  Why did the pharmacy never question that it had been filled for so long?  By the time we had found this all out she was even filling my Dads pain pills and taking those.  She was at that point on 8-9 different prescriptions.  She was in so deep she didn’t see a way out.   We went to Utah that June (2018) and when we came back we noticed that her face was all bruised and her eyes  and face were very yellow.   In case you didn’t know that it a liver issue.  I finally got her to make an appointment with her doctor and they immediately called me.  “Your mom is very very sick…”. The words still ring in my ears.  That was July 3 and they wanted to do an MRI.  She had a panic attack each time we tried to go.  I got her in to my natural health dr and he said there is definitely congestion in the liver…and he suggested getting the MRI.  A few days past (or was it a few weeks??) And we tried to help her ease off some of the pills…by this time she had zero energy to do anything but soak in the bath tub.  Finally one day my Dad said we needed to take her in.  That was early August.  They immediately gave her a title of “liver cancer. That had spread.  She was sent home on Hospice middle of August.  She had asked me a couple times why her doctor never told her that those pills could cause addiction or that there were some WICKED side effects!! 

When I had asked her doctor “how this could happened…”. (I’ve done years of natural health research - I know this doesn’t just happen)… and she said and I quote : “As people get older sometimes their cells just go wonky”.

I call BULLSHIT.  That’s not AT ALL what happens.  

Yes my mom had a lot of unresolved pain that she buried deep and then turned to pills to numb it.  But she never should have been allowed to take it that long.  

Opioid addiction is brutal. 

My mom finally found complete peace on September 1 2018 when she reunited with her mom and dad in the heavenly realm… Dad is still here and unfortunately we had to put him in a care facility for Dementia patients.  I will tell more on that later on...Thanks for reading! 

6 Key Habits to Living My Best LIFE

6 Key Habits to Living My Best LIFE

Six Key Habits I use daily to LIVE my Best Life

These 6 things help me stay grounded and positively aligned..  

  1.   Stay True to Who YOU Are!  What does this mean??  I’m glad that you asked!  That means staying in the lane of things that bring you JOY!  It’s super easy to cross that center line and get caught up in things that do not align with you.  It’s ok!  Move back to your lane.

2.  Have Fun Everyday For No Reason!  Really??  Yes!  Everyone likes to have fun!  It’s drives us and inspires us!  It helps get our creative wheels turning!  What’s Fun for you?  It can be a little shopping trip,  a massage or a short road trip!

3.  Get Outside and Align With Earth.  At the time this was written we are experiencing some difficult times in our world and getting outside is a true escape for me.  If weather permits take your shoes off and get skin to ground!  The energy in the earth and the sun (if it’s out where you are) is a HUGE reliever for stressors that keep us from Living our Best Life.

4.  Give Myself Permission (to Live My Best Life) - What the heck?  Yes Indeed.  Give yourself PERmission (per My Mission) to THRIVE.  Every single day.  “I Give Myself Permission to Thrive with Grace and Ease”…

5.  I Choose Love, Light and Peace everyday.  Again, when writing this there is a LOT of negative energy in the world that.  A lot of darkness right now being brought to light and it’s challenging peoples beliefs.  That results in a lot of negative emotions from others that we need to protect ourselves from! 

6.  REcommit.  We will stumble.  Our emotions may get out of alignment from our Highest Choice so we REcommit.  “Oops I Recommit!”  There is no reason to beat ourselves up over it.  Just.  Recommit.  Tell yourself its ok.  And Recommit.

Above all friends - go within.   ManKIND is longing for EASE to be Restored in our world and we are headed in the right direction!  Surround yourself with like SPIRITED people and Cast Thy Net to the Right.... more to come on that soon!  If you are interested in checking out the F/B community that I am growing you can find that here!  It's a beautiful space for women who are willing to RISE up and be the world changer we are meant to be! 

Be Well my Friends! 

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