Stubborn Thick hair and I DO CARE!

Stubborn Hair and I DO care!! 

Just because you have stubborn hair doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health for super strong hold hair spray! 

I have been blessed with THICK, and for the most part, very straight hair!   When I’m working on a reno project home or working in the garden I often have it pulled back and in a baseball 🧢hat so I don’t use hair spray all that often but when I do I want to know that it’s a safe product not just for me - but for the environment too!! 

Here’s a recipe that I found a while back from Lindsey Elmore : The Farmacist (she takes Science and makes it FUN and easy!) 

NOW.  I will admit that DIY isn’t always my jam so I pick and choose recipes to try.  Like the Laundry stuff - did that.  We use a DIY recipe for fabric softener but we stick with Thieves laundry soap for washing.

Super Hold Hairspray

Most recipes for DIY hairspray contain sugar in some form. The idea of spraying sugar on my hair seemed a bit, well, gross. So I did some research and some recipe testing and came up with an alternative recipe using natural starch. 

Note: Do not try this with cornstarch. You have to order the starch powder linked in the recipe to get the hold you need.


1 teaspoon concentrated starch (You can add more or less of this to adjust the hold strength. One teaspoon produces a spray that will hold an everyday style for a few hours. If you need more strength for all-day curls or an updo, add more starch.)

purified water, hot

1 teaspoon vodka

1/4 teaspoon baobab oil

6 drops rosemary essential oil

5 drops cedarwood essential oil


    1    Combine starch and about 3 tablespoons very hot water in a small bowl. Stir to completely dissolve starch.

    2    Allow to cool slightly and use a funnel to pour mixture into small spray bottle (mine was 2.5 ounces).

    3    Add vodka, baobab oil, and essential oils. Then top off with water to almost fill the bottle.

    4    Shake gently to combine.

To Use

    1    Shake gently to incorporate before each use.

    2    Style hair as desired and spray generously with hairspray.

Top 2 reasons why you should make your own HAIRSPRAY! Did you know??

A couple years ago I made my own hairspray and wasn’t super fond of it... so I let it go for a while.  Then forgot for a LONG while... I don’t really use all that much hairspray unless I’m getting “gussied” up as my mom used to say...

 Within the last year or so I started researching some other recipes.  I have a good handful of people that know their stuff and provide great resources so I started there!  

One of the Young Living ambassadors Lindsay Elmore (she’s a pharmacist and makes science FUN and easy) has a great recipe!!  

But first before I share that... do you know WHY store bought hairspray is “icky”?  Here’s what you should know...

Dangers Of Hairspray

First, one problem with hairspray is that much of it is inhaled when we spritz it on our hair. Sadly, many of the chemicals in hairsprays can irritate the respiratory tract. In fact, studies show that hairdressers who are regularly exposed to hairspray and other chemicals, have a higher incidence of respiratory and allergic symptoms. 

And two, “Fragrance” is actually a very ambiguous term. The FDA permits U.S. manufacturers to legally hide hundreds of synthetic chemicals in this one word without revealing what those ingredients are. In truth, “fragrance” can include various petrochemicals and phthalates, which may cause developmental delays and allergic reactions.

Summer season is upon us - Praise the LORD!! 
So maybe you are like me and don’t require a super hold hair spray this time of year - however it’s still nice to take care of your hair right?! 

Beach Waves Hairspray

This hairspray will give a bit of texture and manageability to hair.


1/4 teaspoon epsom salt

1/4 teaspoon Pink Himalayan salt

1/8 teaspoon citric acid

1 tablespoon vodka

1/2 teaspoon jojoba oil

1/4 teaspoon vitamin e oil

purified water, hot but not boiling

(These ingredients either came from Amazon or my local HFS)

4 drops cedarwood essential oil

4 drops bergamot essential oil

3 drops tangerine essential oil

2 drops spearmint essential oil

(Message me and Let’s make sure that you get the best discount on these essential oils!)


  1. Combine salts, citric acid, vodka, jojoba, and vitamin E oil in  a small spray bottle (mine was 2.5 ounces).
  2. Add hot water to almost fill the bottle. Attach sprayer and shake vigorously to dissolve salts.
  3. Open the bottle and add essential oils.
Are you so excited to try this recipe??  Here’s a recipe for a super hold hairspray too! 

Now that the {pan-dem-ick} is behind us - How is life NEW & different?!

Reframe your perspective!!!  

Right now we are constantly bombarded with warnings and threats and concerns and all that equals FEAR and Panic.  

Two things we don’t need to live with.  We were not born to live in a spirit of fear.  It’s in the Bible many times.... look it up! 

So what if we allow ourselves some grace.

What if we allow ourselves to be tired.  Even exhausted some days.  All that is going on in our world right now none of us have ever experienced.  There is a collective energy being put out by humanity and it’s H E A V Y.  Amiright??

So really.  What if we allow ourselves to be tired.  What if we allow the fear just for a bit and then we take action on moving that emotion UP the emotional ladder.

What if we allow our friends, acquaintances and neighbors to be in their mindset just for a bit - allow them to sit with it and then maybe offer a different perspective without the NEED to be right or wrong.  

Just because someone doesn’t align with my beliefs on things doesn’t make them bad people..  If I REFRAME my perspective on it and see them as dealing with a situation they only way they know how... it adds the importance of compassion back in.  Most people in the world are only doing what they know.  Some people may not know how to live any other way.  If we try touching their fear or their belief with love, compassion and understanding (that does not mean we agree) we are energetically sending a MUCH better frequency in to the Universe!

And Law of Attraction says we are going to get back what we put out.  Ask yourself what you choose to attract.  

“Fear is the test.  When we touch fear it speeds us up to Courage and ACTION.” 

-Robert Tennyson Stevens - (Conscious Language & Imagining Outcomes)

If you want a situation to be better - you must look at it from the outcome fulfilled position... choose your outcome!

Now that this whole thing is behind you - how is life NEW & Different for you?

How does THIEVES Household cleaner compare???


Okay, I’m about to blow some of your minds right now. Buckle up because you might fall out of your seats after reading this☠️ 

Let’s compare the most popular “Bathroom Cleaner” to “Thieves Concentrated Household Cleaner”


• Costs $6/bottle⁣⁣

• Contains carcinogens⁣⁣

• EWG rates this an “F” on a scale of A-F⁣⁣- HIGH CONCERNS!!

• Can cause respiratory damage⁣⁣

• Can cause organ damage⁣⁣

• Can cause developmental effects⁣⁣

• Can cause systematic effects⁣⁣

• Can cause nervous system effects 

• Can cause skin irritation ⁣⁣

• Can cause vision effects⁣⁣

• Can cause allergies⁣

• Warning label - causes eye irritation. You’re supposed to wash your hands thoroughly after usage. ⁣⁣


• $1.13/bottle⁣⁣ (this is a concentrate, you use 1 capful to make 16 oz of all purpose cleaner but you could make it stronger if you’d like)

• Plant-based ⁣⁣

• 0 chemicals ⁣⁣

• Strengthens your immunity ⁣⁣

• Made with essential oils ⁣⁣

• Safe around pets/children⁣⁣

• Safe for the environment

• No warning label on the bottle⁣

☠️🚫This is a no brainer peeps — bye bye harsh chemical-infused household products! Hello, Thieves! I've used this household cleaner to replace EVERY SINGLE CLEANER in my home. Yep, every dang thing! I make scrubs out of this cleaner, I make window/mirror cleaner, I clean my car, floors, carpeting, walls, counter tops, tub, & appliances with this (even stainless steel)! 

With all these crazy germs floating around, I am making sure to keep a backup of this around. I even have a small spray bottle of this in my purse to spray down surfaces when I’m out and about (grocery store carts, restaurant tables, airline arm rests and table trays, hotel door knobs and tv remotes, (ok so when we are not quarantined these are great ideas!) 

If they’re equally effective, why would you choose the one with all of the harmful long-term side effects and the one that contains cancer-causing ingredients??? 🤷🏻‍♀️Just sayin’.

(Thanks Kassy Vargas for the post inspiration and photo!)

3 non negotiables for a Happy, Holistic HOME

My top 3 Non negotiables for a Happy Holistic Home! 

Your Home is your Sacred Space.

It’s the place you most often feel the safest.  It’s the place that you often spend the most time (hopefully not the place you spend the least time!), it’s the place where you get to be creative and expressive and it’s the place you and your family should be thriving! 

Why bring in toxic products then?  There is SO much going on in our world right now that we CAN NOT necessarily control.  We have to accept those things.  What we CAN control is the things that we bring IN TO our home to keep it the clean, safe and sacred space that it is! 

Did you know: 

Most people think they are doing the right thing by purchasing expensive cleaning and laundry products labeled “all natural” or “green”... 

Truth is the household cleaning supplies industry is not regulated.  In 2000, cleaning products were responsible for nearly 10% of all toxic exposures reported to US Poison Control Centers accounting for 206,636 calls.  Of these, 120,434 exposures involved children under 6.  That’s sad. 

I have a couple other blog posts that talk about some of the hidden dangerous ingredients in our cleaners (including a post that shows my Dads hands after a chemical burn from DrainO)!  Feel free to check those out AND share with your family and friends!! 

So let’s get down to it.  3 of the Non negotiables we buy for our home :

Thieves Household Cleaner - Want to see how it compares to other store bought cleaners?  Click here.

Thieves Dish Soap - And just so happens that I can use this for a clarifying shampoo!  Yep - you read that right!  We have hard water and this helps break down the proteins built up in my long hair! 

Thieves Laundry Soap - First of all it’s your clothes.  Fragrance and fresh smells don’t mean clean clothes.  It does mean that those chemicals are making direct contact with your skin.  AND - they are hanging in your closet (or laying over a chair in your room like at my house! HA) ever noticed when you use fabric softener how long that scent stays on your clothes??  #thingsthamakeyagohmmm

Your home IS your sacred space.  Give it and your family the very best you can! 

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