Okay, I’m about to blow some of your minds right now. Buckle up because you might fall out of your seats after reading this☠️ 

Let’s compare the most popular “Bathroom Cleaner” to “Thieves Concentrated Household Cleaner”


• Costs $6/bottle⁣⁣

• Contains carcinogens⁣⁣

• EWG rates this an “F” on a scale of A-F⁣⁣- HIGH CONCERNS!!

• Can cause respiratory damage⁣⁣

• Can cause organ damage⁣⁣

• Can cause developmental effects⁣⁣

• Can cause systematic effects⁣⁣

• Can cause nervous system effects 

• Can cause skin irritation ⁣⁣

• Can cause vision effects⁣⁣

• Can cause allergies⁣

• Warning label - causes eye irritation. You’re supposed to wash your hands thoroughly after usage. ⁣⁣


• $1.13/bottle⁣⁣ (this is a concentrate, you use 1 capful to make 16 oz of all purpose cleaner but you could make it stronger if you’d like)

• Plant-based ⁣⁣

• 0 chemicals ⁣⁣

• Strengthens your immunity ⁣⁣

• Made with essential oils ⁣⁣

• Safe around pets/children⁣⁣

• Safe for the environment

• No warning label on the bottle⁣

☠️🚫This is a no brainer peeps — bye bye harsh chemical-infused household products! Hello, Thieves! I've used this household cleaner to replace EVERY SINGLE CLEANER in my home. Yep, every dang thing! I make scrubs out of this cleaner, I make window/mirror cleaner, I clean my car, floors, carpeting, walls, counter tops, tub, & appliances with this (even stainless steel)! 

With all these crazy germs floating around, I am making sure to keep a backup of this around. I even have a small spray bottle of this in my purse to spray down surfaces when I’m out and about (grocery store carts, restaurant tables, airline arm rests and table trays, hotel door knobs and tv remotes, (ok so when we are not quarantined these are great ideas!) 

If they’re equally effective, why would you choose the one with all of the harmful long-term side effects and the one that contains cancer-causing ingredients??? 🤷🏻‍♀️Just sayin’.

(Thanks Kassy Vargas for the post inspiration and photo!)


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