Reframe your perspective!!!  

Right now we are constantly bombarded with warnings and threats and concerns and all that equals FEAR and Panic.  

Two things we don’t need to live with.  We were not born to live in a spirit of fear.  It’s in the Bible many times.... look it up! 

So what if we allow ourselves some grace.

What if we allow ourselves to be tired.  Even exhausted some days.  All that is going on in our world right now none of us have ever experienced.  There is a collective energy being put out by humanity and it’s H E A V Y.  Amiright??

So really.  What if we allow ourselves to be tired.  What if we allow the fear just for a bit and then we take action on moving that emotion UP the emotional ladder.

What if we allow our friends, acquaintances and neighbors to be in their mindset just for a bit - allow them to sit with it and then maybe offer a different perspective without the NEED to be right or wrong.  

Just because someone doesn’t align with my beliefs on things doesn’t make them bad people..  If I REFRAME my perspective on it and see them as dealing with a situation they only way they know how... it adds the importance of compassion back in.  Most people in the world are only doing what they know.  Some people may not know how to live any other way.  If we try touching their fear or their belief with love, compassion and understanding (that does not mean we agree) we are energetically sending a MUCH better frequency in to the Universe!

And Law of Attraction says we are going to get back what we put out.  Ask yourself what you choose to attract.  

“Fear is the test.  When we touch fear it speeds us up to Courage and ACTION.” 

-Robert Tennyson Stevens - (Conscious Language & Imagining Outcomes)

If you want a situation to be better - you must look at it from the outcome fulfilled position... choose your outcome!

Now that this whole thing is behind you - how is life NEW & Different for you?


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