CHEW your food. 

HAHA I know what you are thinking....what oil has she been sniffing now! 

Well lots of them to be honest however this statement is more true than most people realize!! 

Last week was convention week... For the last 6 years it has been one of the most inspiring weeks for me!  And then 2020 things looked different because of world events.  My thoughts on all that is a different blog post entirely - so back to the purpose of THIS POST! 

Chew Your Food!  I had the pleasure of virtually learning from Marcella VonHarting - PHD (Young Living RCD)... she spoke on the importance of Chewing your food enough for the body to break it down better.  It seems so simple doesn’t it!!  If we don’t chew our food enough to break it down our bodies can not absorb the nutrients in the food.  In addition to that she stressed the importance of using an enzyme to assist even further food breakdown and therefore body absorption.

Young Living offers a few different enzymes!  It’s just a matter of figuring out which one is best for you!  I am currently taking Essentialzyme - I try to take it a hour before a meal but of course I forget at times.... I still take it!! 

Let me quick add a little info JUUUUST in case you aren’t all together sure why you need an enzyme! 

Our bodies naturally produce digestive enzymes to help us absorb the nutrients we need to survive.

Unfortunately, however, our Standard American Diet (SAD) is made up mostly of processed foods that are filled with trans fats and sugars. This means our bodies have to work even harder in order to absorb vital nutrients.

Other factors, like age, stress, allergies, and chronic inflammation, can also tamper with our ability to properly obtain and absorb nutrients — and when this happens your body puts enzyme production on the bottom of its to-do list. The end result: any nutrients you’re taking in — even from something healthy like a salad — aren’t actually being absorbed by your body.

That’s where digestive enzyme supplements come in as they can help ensure proper breakdown and maximum nutrient absorption for even the hardest to digest foods.  Remember - quality of supplement MATTERS.  Ask me why [if you don’t know! 


  •         Protease- breaks down protein into amino acids, or its basic building blocks. As we age, we begin producing less of them naturally. 
  •         Bromelain- helps you digest proteins found in meats, nuts, cheese and grains. 
  •         Papain- also crucial for digesting protein. The best blends contain both bromelain and papain for comprehensive digestive support. 
  •         Amylase- breaks the starch, sugar and fiber found in grains, fruits and vegetables down into smaller molecules. 
  •         Cellulase- helps us digest fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, humans can't produce it naturally.
  •         Lipase- breaks down fats like butter, cheese, olive and fish oils into fatty acids and glycerol, which then travel throughout our body. 

Without good quality enzymes the body may develop some digestive issues and we ALL know that that is NOT a good feeling!  My mom had developed some digestive issues before we discovered that she was sick... instead of researching and asking about a good quality enzyme she started taking Metamucil.  Don’t do that.  Please do your diligence and research or ask questions!  I am more than willing to help with the knowledge I have or I can certainly point you in the right direction!!  

I hope that this has helped some!!  Do you currently take an enzyme??  Do you currently chew your food enough? 😉 



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