Heyyyyy Friends!!!  I thought I’d take a sec and introduce myself!
My name is Marcy! 

I love chatting and studying all things Enneagram and personality types...
 I love home decor and home renovation projects, (we are currently redoing a farmhouse built in 1908!!)... When it’s not freezing cold you can often find me outside with my puppies!! 

I Am a beginner gardener with a dream of homesteading cuz let’s be honest the nutrition today is like the Wild West unless you do your research!! I dig (pun intended) working on that stuff even though I have ZERO clue what I’m doing (and long as the snakes and spiders keep to themselves) 😂🙊

I am super passionate about health and wellness but in a “let’s get to the root cause” sort of way and not the typical pill popping sort of way (no offense to anyone that takes meds!)...

I love love love the sunshine and crave it so much during the winter months (I’m in Michigan so sometimes the winters can be so  l o n g). 

My hubs and I are interested in sustainability and protecting the earths natural resources after all that is what God put here for us to take care of ourselves!  #plantsheal 

I’m very much looking forward to sharing some more things about my path toward health and wellness!  


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