3 Things I do DAILY for Wellness

Ok so I am writing this on March 24th.  Day One of being quarantined at home.  I am still finding a routine in all this but one thing is for sure.  I must still implement things for my wellness.  

I am intentional about eating good.  Some days cookies and ice cream just have a really nice ring to it and that’s ok.  If I really want ice cream I will have some with no resistance to it.  If I want an extra cup of coffee - same rules apply.  No, I don’t overdo it {usually} but if I do I accept that too.  

There is enough going on in this world right now that I am not about to beat myself up for having a cookie or some ice cream.  I love a good salad.  We have farm fresh eggs daily.  Eating our colors and getting good fats and protein.  We know what to do and we do it.  90% of the time.  

This whole world situation has made me look at things a lot different though for sure!  I am more aware of how often I would scroll social media with no purpose.  I am aware of how often I would mindlessly go to the kitchen and look for a snack most likely to avoid something that I didn’t want to do... I am aware that the trees and blue sky are absolutely gorgeous.

I am aware of a lot.  How about you?

I am determined more than ever.  How about you?

I am so grateful that we have been given this opportunity.  Things might seem tough and crappy right now.  But they will be better than we have ever known!

Ok kind of went down a rabbit trail there for a minute HAHA - happens a lot actually!  

Truly my Top 3 things for Wellness are:

Healthy choices.  Foods, supplements and lots of water 

Healthy mindset.  I am confident in my ability!

Movement.  Every single day.  Preferably outside in nature.

Hang in there friends.  Be safe.  Be smart.  Think for yourself.  Do Not Fear.

His ways are bigger than our ways.... Be confident!  We are making history!

If you want to stay in the loop with my ramblings and maybe even share with friends - I’d love that!! 


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